Thursday, 3 June 2010


There have been so many beautiful tributes to Jane,( journey of another kind),who sadly lost her battle with kidney cancer on 30th.I dont feel I can add to those so well,however Jane was remarkable,not only battling a terrible disease but also being a mum and wife.Her family are so very deeply sad and her husband feels so empty.What can you say?
You can say,Jane was an inspiration,she was,and that she was a fighter,she was,to me,she helped me through a dark time,when I had lost hope and wanted it all to end,just to be at peace.I write because it heals me,because its a therapy,I never expected anyone to read it or comment,Jane was one of the first to do so and lifted me,her light was so bright and will always be.To me,she was and still is,a very dear friend.
I will miss you.Rest in peace Jane,what a wonderful person you have been and Im honoured to have known you.


Jan said...

I think we are all going to miss Jane so much ,in spite of all she went through ,her sense of humour shone through didnt it ? What an inspiration ,to us all should we be tempted to whinge about the small stuff Jan xx

mortonlake said...

you said it all zoe,and lovely too.jane was special.not often i cry,mainly because if i start i may not stop,but i did when i saw she had gone.i did txt you but think i used wrong number hun,you take care,love mort xxxxx