Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Hi all.

Im having a play today,I hope you can see my tags here,if not youll recieve notice that Ive posted then deleted it lol.I hope everyones ok,Im in a silly mood,I decorated my daughters bedroom yesterday and Im still high on paint lol.
Anyway I hope youre all well,if this works I hope you enjoy this if not...bugger lol.xx

In answer to Mick,yes my toilet is still playing up but Im not sure youll be able to fix it,besides thats up to my landlord to sort to be fair.Its not a real problem if the seat was replaced and the valve sorted but hey,landlords eh?

In answer to Lynn,my ex is apparently living the lovely batchelor life,and on the 3rd is going to yet another reunion for his school,thats a four day drinking binge,instead of having his son,so Robert doesnt see him for two weeks,it must be lovely living with no responsibility,no one to shout at you or tell you to get up out of bed.You dont have to pay out any money and can run around in your underpants all day.Triffic.

Im having such a busy week,decorating yesterday,today Im making calls,moving furniture back into my daughters room and out of my kitchen,tomorrow I have the builders in to re-do my kitchen...joy..so all my white goods need moving,today and tomorrow my two sons are starting their private tuition and I have to try and fit in my shopping this week at some point...argghhh.

Also a quick note,not that you need one,about 7/7. Snag this tag if you need to,please remember the fallen with two minutes silence,not many people bother anymore,which is a shame.
Im going to get my day started so take care I hope these tags come out ok for you,I shall leave you with a funny video from a game one of my sons has,I said Id post it so he would help me today,bloomin kids eh? lol

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mortonlake said...

you make me feel very lazy doing all that work hun,lol.you take care,love mort xx