Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The lovely Marion

I am copying to here a lovely email I recieved from my lady Marion today,lol,I have had to doctor it a bit as I didnt want to include her email address.( The official secrets act 'n' things)...or whatever,anyway here we go....

Dear Zoe, Thank you for all your help yesterday.I recieved a phone call this morning about the application we made yesterday.I didnt think it would be this quick.The lady was very nice and asked me a few questions about my pension and savings,she told me that it was to be processed today and that I should be recieving my money from 30th backdated to yesterday.Ive actually recieved the top payment of attendance allowance and I  am so happy after many failed attempts.Thank you so much,I also asked as you suggested,about a walk in shower,and my details have been sent to a company that will call to arrange a visit.That would be so good for me,as you know I am unable to use my bath now.
I wish I could do more,but as you asked,I will send the recipes you wanted,with many thanks.
Gratefully yours,Marion.x 


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Jan said...

Bless you Zoe' ,one happy lady you have helped good for you ....love Jan xx