Monday, 19 April 2010

Hey ho

Firstly Id just like to say,that Marion doesnt want any more emails,I think shes overwhelmed,thank you everyone,especially for sending them to me to pass on ha ha ha,OH God...anyway,Ive just finished her application so I shall keep you all posted on how she gets on,fingers crossed me dears lol.
I hope all the info helped,Ive personally answered 27 and addressed the other issues here,I think thats done it lol.I must admit that worked well,from what I can tell over 30 people are now applying for benefits they didnt know they could get,Id pat myself on the back,but its sore from sitting over the keyboard too much.
Anyway enough of my problems,you dont want to hear about my hypertension,back aches and womens thingys do you? Well Im not going to tell you so there.You may well beg but Im not budging.There are some things that are best left where they are.Like pickled eggs,they look harmless enough dont they? But beneath that tasty exterior lurkes a demon,a demon of duvet lifting powers.Hmm Think on...
I hope everyones well,fed and watered and suitably equipped with benefit info to keep them going until the next general election.
I am rife with useless information you know,well some of it is useful,I think its just because I listen at the right keyholes.Metaphorically speaking...of course.
Most people dont have keyholes anymore,shame that.
Im feeling a wee bit down today campers,I dont have a good reason so I shall digress with some pointless ones.
My back hurts,mainly between my shoulders,now I made the mistake of having a wee lookie on the internet about it,I know I know,the first rule of solving a problem is...dont consult the internet.However from what I could assertain,Ive either got compressed discs now in my shoulder area,which would explain the shoulder pain Im getting,or Oesophagus cancer.....thats joyful,although I dont have any of those symptoms,imagine my shock when it was number one on the list for 'reasons for pain between the shoulders'.
But undeterred I looked up,raised blood pressure,it looks like I have hypertension due to my contraceptive pill,as it contains progestogen,which can raise it,or Im having a coronary...errmm.
So now I feel worse given that I either have six months to live or Im going to keel over any minute...the lesson is...go to my G.P.
So thats what Im going to do.Next tuesday,I hate going to the doctor I really do I always end up with tablets upon tablets and more depressive news about it all being my menopause.If I have to come off of the contraceptive pill I dont know what to do,I dont want the coil and he can stuff his rod where the sun dont shine.
Oh yes he can matey.
My hormones will have a field day with no tablet to regulate them,I dont see why I should take tablets to lower my blood pressure though if its caused by them.ARRGGGHHH.Help me.
Well we shall see eh?
I really dont need compressed discs at the top of my spine when I already have 3 at the bottom,maybe 4 I dont know,I havent had a back x-ray or scan since 1991.
Its my posture I guess,to compensate for the lower back pain I slouch then it starts between my shoulders....
Well you see now Ive told you my probs even though I said I wouldnt,that was crafty.
I might cancel the doctor I dont know,Ill see how bad my blood pressure gets I guess.Ive got till next tuesday.
Anyway,Im going to go and try to meditate as the internet told me to,to relieve tension in my back...I dont know how to but I think it involves either sacrificing a small farmyard hen or going to Belgium....bloody internet.
Toodle pip.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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