Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Major bum sore

Im feeling a bit down today,Im not sure why.Do you ever get like that?
Its weird,the sun was shining and everything,but I feel like something is missing.Like something is wrong but I cant place what.
I thought I could shrug it off but this is day three of feeling this way,I cant ignore it because every time I get this feeling,something happens,usually bad.Not bad as in..'Ooh I forgot to pay the t.v. license',more like really bad.
I cant really describe really bad in my view here,mainly because I also believe if I give this any more attention I could will something to happen.
Weird arent I ?
Anyway,I wanted to try and cheer myself up with a video,but Im not sure I can reduce the size to fit here,I might try,so If my next post doesnt work,youll know why.
Back in a

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mortonlake said...

you tc zoe.always here if you need mort xx