Sunday, 10 May 2009


Hi all,well my man went back to working nights last sunday,and I missed him so badly,he had had six months off work to have two knee replacement ops,so we had had alot of time together,last week was awful for both of us,but we made it,friday was our day together and it was great,he didnt let me go all day we cuddled so much,Ive never been missed like that before,or told I was loved so many times,it was perfect.He stayed with me last night and went home today,to get ready for work tonight,I suppose this week wont be so bad,as we are getting used to the routine,but I do feel lonely without him.
Anyway,get your heads out of the buckets now lol,too soppy eh? Well I cant help it,I have to tell someone or Ill burst so there !!
Well almost everything has been done to put ourselves forward for this house,just waiting now to hear if weve got it,please cross those fingers and toes,we have to get out of here desperately and theres no other houses that we could move to in the pipeline.
My landlord will be onto me for rent on 17th may so Im praying we know either way by then,but its all slowed down with the letting agent,I am worried,but optimistic,check in with me next week to see me come apart at the seams,lol.Lets face it Ive paid out loads of money so the letting agent has no incentive to rush it all.
God I hate this,things just keep going wrong,its awful honestly it is,bills bills bills and no spare money arrgghhhhhhhhhhhh.Thats better I needed that.
Im sure everyones in the same boat here though,so primal scream therapy is the best option peeps.Im off to grab a coffee then clean this house,its like polishing a turd to be honest,pointless !!
Mwahhhs have a good week xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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