Monday, 1 June 2009


Sorry Ive not been about folks,lifes been a bit dissappointing and Im sure if I had updated through it all,I wouldnt have been objective.
Alot has gone on but nothing has really happened,life goes on if you like.I started my divorce off,Im sure that wasnt a popular decision,but from my point of view,my husband wants to move back to Oxford,and Im sure he wouldnt want to live there,still being married to me until well into 2011.Its over,amicable arrangements for Robert need to be sorted in an adult way,but Im sure they wont be.I am trying to make sure Robert doesnt suffer,but if the emails from friends are anything to go by,Im in for a rough ride,if I hadnt done anything to sort this out,Im sure that would have been wrong,none the less,its Robert who is important here,not Pauls ego.
I lost the house we were hoping to move into,the letting agent took too long to sort it and the landlord gave up and moved back in.We are waiting on another house,but again theres delays,God Im going to explode soon.The stress is terrible.
Theres more on the horizon,my Dads birthday is on 10th June,then its fathers day on 21st,I dont know how Im going to cope,its weird not buying him a present or organizing a trip to see him,its hard enough not having him to talk to.Ive needed him so badly lately,the massive slag offs Im getting on facebook,all done behind my back of course,to my face its chat chat chat.Ive bitten my tongue so much its gone blue !! But Im not rising to it,childish behaviour can only result in Robert being hurt.It is getting on my nerves though,I just want to try and live my life,such as it is,in peace.
But,I never have done,so onward and upward eh?
Dont forget to come say hello on facebook if you get time,Im there more than here,as you can tell,take care everyone,xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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ADB said...

Sorry to hear that things are falling apart, Zoe, in more ways than one. Keep the wide smile going that says more than words.