Sunday, 19 April 2009

Im Back

Hi all,Im back from the Lake district,what a beautiful place it was.The weather was so lovely I even got sunburnt !! We went there to spread some ashes,some were spread in the graveyard behind a church not far from where we stayed.The graveyard itself has the most amazing hill-top view with countryside as far as the eye can see.We then went to Lake Windemere to take some there and it was a gorgeous day,we sat by the waterside for quite some time in quiet reflection.We also went to Keswick,for those who know it,its amazing there,beautiful old buildings and views of the lakes,we went to an old tea room and enjoyed a relaxing day out too there.I am glad I went,so many bad things have happened recently,it was so good to be away just for a few days,no noise,no phone ringing no doorbell and problems,just peace and quiet.I would definately go back,being a country girl at heart,as soon as the country views graced us as we drove in,I felt so emotional,remembering when my Dad would take me out walking,through fields and woods on a sunny day,it was so humbling,it was perfect.Thank you all for your best wishes,some people havent been so gracious but they dont matter do they?
I hope you all had a good Easter,Ill be back in the week,the washing up is calling lol toodles xxx


Jan said...

Hi Zoe ,you sound as though your little break did you good ,My Daughter Kate loves to go there too ,she comes back talking about all the things you have ,Jeanne lives there too have you read her blog? though she hasnt blogged for a while ,when she does she shares the most wonderful pictures Jan xx

ADB said...

The Lake District is absolutely gorgeous, and you're lucky to be so close by. Good to hear you enjoyed it!