Thursday, 9 April 2009

Happy Easter

I just wanted to wish you all a happy Easter,I will be away until 16th,Im going to the lakes,if you dont know where that is I cant help you lol.Im sure it will be cold and rainy but its a lovely break,Im going with my new man so we will say no more lol.
I viewed a house yesterday,its lovely,I so hope we can move there out of this awful dump,we had high winds here two nights ago and the top window,that was already broken,caved in,its so cold here now and the rain is pouring through it.I have reported it,but true to form no-one has come out,Im so fed up with it to be honest,still at least theres no surprises I guess.
If I get this new house,please cross your fingers,then its centrally heated,double glazed and has a bath !! You dont appreciate these things until you dont have them,and we dont.We have broken windows,massive rising damp,slugs,sewerage,broken toilets,broken shower,2 very old coppers for hot water one is boiling like mad ready to explode,a back door with no key,no fire alarms,a broken fence,mice,a cooker you can only use the grill on and an electric bill for £2000 for three months,like Im paying that ffs !!
Still you have to look on the bright side eh? Lol.
Anyhoo,You all have a happy Easter,I will be back next week I hope the weather where you are is nice.
byeeeeeeeee xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


ADB said...

Have a good one, Zoe ;-)

Melanie said...

Have a wonderful break and hope you get the new house!


mortonlake said...

have a g--reat time zoe.coffs.sly care,love mort xx