Saturday, 28 March 2009

Toilet talk

My toilets are doing my head in,having three and one one that doesnt leak and smell like a tramp,is quite disconcerting.....too many 'ands' in that sentance,bad English Zoe,I do apologise,you see what toilets can do to you,they can make you illiterate.And forget question marks...hang see what toilets can do to you? There thats better,I even remembered the capital letter at the beginning of that sentance.
So anyway,toilets can also make you angry,I often suffer from toilet rage,many have said,that a 'Zoe' is a small creature often found extrapulating within a toilet enviroment,however I tend to disagree,Id rather favour the option of shouting obscene swear words whilst sat on the afore-mentioned wobbly fixture.Well its hardly a fixture,or a fitting,being not fixed down nor fitted properly,more that it is a non-fixture/fitting.Blah.
Im unravelling very early on here.
Not that it is that early,more heading toward afternoonshire,oooh dont forget clocks it forward? Anyway thats today.
Okies Im off to get ready to go out in the rain...byeeeee xxxxxxxxxxxxx


ADB said...

Don't get yourself into a hot flush, Zoe ;-)

Ally Lifewithally said...

I do hate it when toilets go wrong ~ had to laugh at ADB's comment ~ very apt :o) ~ Ally x

mortonlake said...

ah,but can you "go"when you go??lol tc love mort xxx