Friday, 3 June 2011

Ooer Missus !!

Hi all,anyone who knows me will know I cant let this go,lol,Im having puppies? Ha ha Oh bless Guido he's lovely, that will keep me warm for a few weeks.
Anyway,those who have found me via Facebooks' call for help,Welcome and my deepest sympathies.
Im afraid I dont really deal with deep and meaningful topics here,just moaning and toilets really,occaisionally I drop in the odd word from the wise but I wouldnt get your hopes up.
I have ceased the decorating at the moment,mainly due to lack of funds.I am currently getting ESA benefit and Im in the support group as I have P.T.S.D.( Lucky old me),I say currently because under this government nothing is certain,you cannot get used to anything at all.
Something I thought was worth sharing,if you didnt already know,those of us who have or do play the lottery,may still be under the assumption that you can tick a box to remain anonymous.Not true as I discovered tuesday.
I was about to check my ticket online,I looked on the back and read the rules,now generally,if you won,say,£20,000,you can get the first £500.00 in cash from a lottery nominated post office,you have to take photo I.D.,proof of address and your youngest child as a live sacrifice,( scrub that last,that was sarcasm),the remaining monies are given to you in a cheque.Now as soon as that hits your bank,not only does Mr.Inland revenue know about it,but so does the benefit agency.
Im sure everyone agrees that benefit fraud is wrong,however you might want your £19,500 to go to your children/grandchildren.Well I m afraid you will have to live on it,if you have means tested benefits,such as housing benefit,council tax benefit,ESA,JSA,etc etc,you will stop getting them and have to pay your rent,council tax,and everything else,ask yourself how long that will last,thats without providing bank statements to show you didnt buy a telly or a new settee or bed.
It is widely thought that you are allowed up to £16,000 in savings,but the small print says different,you can be made to use this to live on in some circumstances,so leaving some to pay for your funeral in an account,and to settle any debts you may leave wont happen either.
Want to play the lottery now?
Well lets hope you win big time,otherwise it could be 7 years in prison if you try to hide it.For heavens sake dont buy that plasma 50" makes the coffee in the morning telly !!
OOh thats a bugger.No Jeremy Kyle in singing and dancing HD quality with knobs on.
I was due to win soon,the same numbers every week,twice a week,grrr.
I think I shall spend the money on some cake...mmm carrot cake with icing,or coffee and walnut cake,now that cant be a crime...can it?
Tc all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

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Anonymous said...

Both little pups are lovely ~ will keep Oscar in my thoughts and prayers ~ Ally x "Lifewithally"