Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Words cannot describe how I feel today.To learn that Jane,from 'journey of another kind' is going home to pass away with her famliy beside her.Ive read her blog for,I dont know how long,and she has been such an inspiration to me.When my father was diagnosed,she was there offering support,even though her cancer was attacking her so fiercly,she gave up her time.Its not every day somebody touches your soul and lets you into their life so intimately that you journey with them.Alot of people in this world couldnt care less about anyone else,to lose someone who gives up their time to help every person they meet is so rare.Its not fair,I dont care what anyone says,its not fair.
Ive left her a comment,I had no idea what to say at all.So I just wrote how I felt.But Im not sure how to feel,Im angry,angry that after everything,she is in so much pain,she has to leave her loving family who adore her,her husband who will be alone and say goodbye to all she loves here,but I know she knew this was to be,its still not fair.
I am glad she has so much love in her life,most of us wont leave a mark so prominant,I hope no-one is ever alone to face the end,but sometimes it happens.Jane will never be alone,and we will always remember her.
Sleep in peace my friend.Ill miss you.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Jan said...

Hi Zoe ,I know what are saying ,its hard for us who knew her through this medium ,but those who know her and love her ....well I cant begin to imagine ,We have all known the outcome but never quite believed it ,Jane has been so brave and positive all along ,We Are All going to miss her so much Jan xx

mortonlake said...

lovely post my friend.i am linking my blog with pamal3 when that sad day comes,we doing tribute,and perhaps you would join with us?? i just cried my eyes out zoe,as you say it just aint love mort xxx

Andy said...

I think your words sum up how we all feel about Jane, although as you say it is very dificult to put into words our thoughts. She is a truly brave and courageous women who inspired me in my own battle with cancer.
Andy xx

~Stevie~ said...

Hey Zoe!!

Just to let you know, I'm here hun. Missed ya loads.

If you wanna talk, you know where I am.