Thursday, 1 April 2010

Ho Hum...

So...I would ask you all to consider three questions about the message I posted here below,because lets be honest,some people would be taken in by it,it seems a sad story doesnt it? Ok so..
1) According to the boy,( whose 23 but ok),hes currently running around Ghana with paperwork relating to 6 million U.S dollars,fleeing from an evil uncle...with a laptop? Maybe they have internet cafes there,ok I buy that.

2) He wants to gain entry to the U.K,via a U.K citizen,who has a U.K bank account,to invest U.S dollars in it and the bank will say,yeah go ahead Zoe,that doesnt seem dodgy at all.

3) I want to know how he thinks he can get to live here and educate himself,( remember hes un-educated at 23),I take it this is a proposal of marriage to me so he can live here,as my picture is on windows live.

4) Of course I am flattered a 23 year old whose never met me wants to marry me to come live here,get free NHS treatment,a job,because I have to get him a business,( remember hes an uneducated 23 year old and doesnt know anything),But I have to ask this,why ask women this sort of thing via message,if hes going to live here he needs to learn our British Mans ways,post a picture of your penis on facebook and write the immortal words underneath..'Come get me'.

5) My last question has to be this....WHY EFFING ME???

I emplore everyone here,for the love of all that is holy,never go for these bloody scams.Im sick and tired of it.I have had messages from Belgians,Bosnians,Russians,Polish,Arabs and even Latvians.
They dont need our help theyre already over here working and earning more than you can imagine.Getting free treatment on the nhs from your NI contributions and if that doesnt bother you,they can have children here and get student grants when your children cant.Im not rasist,but I am fed up with bleating bloody people who take advantage of those of us who care about others.Our government,alongside the US government invest millions in poorer countries,send medical aid for free and help to defend those who are in real danger,at the expense of our own young men and women,who have families of their own.We dont beg others to help us even though our countries are on their knees.
So to anyone who thinks Im being hard,fair enough thats your opinion,I appreciate that,but I love my children,they face a future of unemployment with no money,even though they are educated unlike the messenger who contacted me below,I will never be able to earn enough to get a pension as I need 30 years contributions and I cant retire until Im 67 years old.My mother cant have her knee replacement operations or her glaucoma treatment because apparently it costs too much,and my best friends M.S. is in remission again,but she cant have the vital delaying drugs because she lives in the wrong area.
So excuse me if I dont give a rats about 'Mathew Ogah'.

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