Monday, 19 April 2010

The general election

I have avoided this subject for a while now,because as we live in a free country,we all have our views and opinions,even after the farscicle debate the other night,I kept quiet.But I cant just leave this.No one is addressing the important issues,so I will,maybe,I hope, it will help you decide because Im confused.
On 6th May this year,we all go to vote,vote for what we believe will bring our great Nation,( as it was once), back to its feet again.
We used to have industry that was the envy of the world,we used to have a lifestyle that was too.Slowly,over a very long time,we have become so politically correct,so tight on the law for the criminals and so disrespectful for the minorities and the elderly,(which are not a minority),we have become selfish,money grabbing uncaring bigots.In general I mean,not individual,no as individuals we are a caring nation,but as a collective,no way.
We have a massive population of unemployed,the majority of whom are desperate to work,the minority sap from those who do.Not all young people are violent drunken idiots,the majority are disheartened that they cannot find work in a field they have studied hard to get into.Facing life bored and signing on.
Education is a laugh,I chose to educate my children at home,because my children experienced everything but education,every week a new supply teacher would enter the class and make the children re-do what they have already done,no conversation just copying from a book all lesson.We learn the most from others,their experiences,debate and talking,then writing down their views.Teenagers are our future,future workers,politicians,doctors,firemen etc,they shape the years to come,yet the majority cant tell you the history of this country,or how to spell something or even how to cook a meal.
They can work the internet,but what was taught as something that would change our future for our children to make it better,is now in every home and only corrupts them.Its such a monopoly that getting employment within computing isnt anything special anymore.
What a waste of time and money.
Anyone who is now in their early twenties will have experienced the unfair wage steps the government saw fit to introduce.When I was 16,I worked,I earnt the same wage as my collegues who were alot older,but now,at 16-18,you earn a measure less,this increases at 20 but not to the same as everyone else,until youre at least 25,yet youre doing the same hours and the same work as older people.No wonder the younger generation prefer to give it a miss,wheres the fairness in that?
If youve just started a family,you may have experienced the abismal maternity allowance set by government,to give you the time off you need,its a pittance unless your boss decides to add to it,so you rush back to work,leaving your baby with someone you cant afford to pay,because you need the money.So mums and Dads struggle,men get more in paternity leave now than women take in maternity leave !! Families suffer,theres no time to spend with your child,they need us,the first years are so important,but the mortgage needs paying and the high energy bills.We are slaves to the system and our children suffer.
Those with older children,like me,have two problems,if youre working,its adequate childcare and affording it,the crappy schools and massive amounts of homework to help them with,( Dont they do any work at school?) If youre unemployed or a stay at home parent,youre penalised and have less money,have to be actively seeking employment and sign on.A degrading state of affairs that is too.Go on stupid courses of how to work a computer and then take a job placement getting an extra £15.00 a week doing what the real employees do and get far more than you,at the end,if youre lucky,you get a reference to go on your portfolio to show a prospective employer that doesnt exist.
If youre close to retirement,in the governments eyes,youre unemployable,but dont be disheartened,the age of retirement has changed,if youre a woman,you can retire at 65 years old,this changes in 2012 to 67 years old,if youre a man that will increase to 67 too.The average statistics for the life span of both is as follows,women generally live until 80 years old,men until 75 years old,bearing in mind the new legislation states you need at least 30 years contributions to gain a pension,you will have been paid your measley amount for an average of 8 years if youre a man and 13 years if youre a woman....doesnt add up to 30 years pension does it,so where does your 30 years of contribution go? You get less if youve saved or have a private pension.God help you if you own a property.
If youre disabled you can get more money but most people dont claim it because its so hard to get,theres a reson for that,it comes out of the national contribution of national insurance,and it cant be spent on  the governments' MPs and their second homes etc.
So imagine now,if youre not already,you are elderly,probably disabled and if youre lucky in reciept of attendance allowance.You have a fall and go to hospital,its only a broken wrist,but the specialist insists theres no beds for you to stay and recover,you live alone so cant go home,so you have to stay in a care home for a your own expense,and what an expense,it does vary but Ive known some to cost a minimum of £300.00 a week.Hmm if you get full attendance allowance,pension and pension credit and youre single,you may only get £250.00 per week,that wouldnt be so bad but when you go into care,your benefits stop,how do you pay for it then??? Any clues? Your savings,if you dont have any,your house,if you dont own that,your family and it goes on...
Nobody cares,theyre all in it to get money,take a good look because England is becoming the worst place to live no matter who you are.So if I were to write a manifesto,and I have no idea how to put things right,Id probably make it worse,but it would be this...
1) Both parents are paid a full wage to stay at home with their new baby for the first year,if you didnt work before the child was born the old rules still apply.
2) Child care is free.And whomever you nominate doesnt need to be police checked e.g. your grandmother !!
3) Your child will actually be educated,all children to be educated privately at no cost to the parents until they are 18.
4) All 18 year olds recieve the same wage as older workers.
5) Bring back apprentiships,not just some in some areas,but the trades we lack here and employ foreign people to do,badly,like plumbing,building and carpentry,make it standard in schools again.
6) Unemployed people get the first rights on any advertised jobs,whether they have experience or not,bring back trial periods,a non obligatory way to determine if a job or employee are suitable.
7) Immigrants do not get employed over British nationals,they are not from any war torn country so they can go back and build their own economy and be a great nation not take from us,we educate many foreign people in our private schools and they do so very well,these people are worthy to work here,Im on about those who come over on the six monthly bloody pass to work then go home,they dont want to be part of our nation,they just take the money and run.And the benefits I might add.
8) All retired people have their savings protected,they are not an income no matter how much they have.They can keep their homes and enjoy non means tested benefits as a reward for their contributions to our country.
9) The elderly dont have to pay for heating etc,they have to have free care if they need it,theyve paid into the NHS over and over,the care homes run a daily release scheme so a patient can go home during the day,this aids recovery and stays depression,being in a home even six weeks for recovery purposes causes the patient to slow in recovery,its not needed its not like anyone looks after them 24-7 anyway,they just need help at home as much as possible.If you have to go into a home,permanently,your house will not be sold,it will be free,it will be clean and their will be 24-7 care.
10) If you suffer from anything requiring constant medical care,you are exempt from paying,e.g. cancer,M.S. Fibrobalgia etc.etc..the drugs are to be made available to all and there should be constant free care for those who need it,carers get one free holiday a year up to £3000.00 in value.
11) The governement high ranking civil servants have to pay higher rate taxes and a 10% contribution to the people for these freebies Ive mentioned.
There you are,have I missed anything? Oh yes,how to get attendance allowance...
If youre being rejected I know how to help,ok imagine your worst ever day,if you havent had one yet,improvise.Ok so then imagine your worst ever night,even if youre ok at night then tell them it is like that every day and/or night,say you have to sleep in a chair because of pain,you have to take painkillers all night you hardly sleep,you fall over alot and have trouble climbing the stairs.Even if you dont have anyone at home with you you can get this benefit,you must focus on the night problems to get the top payment,Im not asking you to lie but look at it this way,you will have bad nights eventually,claiming then is ok but youve had to live on pittance before that,if youre over 65,with any health issues,even diabetes which most of us have or blood pressure probs,name them all,all your medication and use the box at the end of the form to elaborate on everything,fill it up it is read.Say you cant walk properly,you have trouble taking tablets,you get confused,you sleep downstairs,you have to take painkillers for arthritis or whatever,all night so you cant sleep.Its the night-time element that gets the benefit I promise you.You can only claim if youre over 65,try not to claim carers allowance unless youre retired,because if you get tax credits,its classed as an income and youll lose benefit.Make sure you get employers support allowance if youre off sick from work long term,make sure you claim pension credit early and guaranteed credit if you cant claim a pension yet.Get income support to tide you over.Make sure you know you get housing benefit and council tax benefit when on these payments,claim claim claim.Email me as usual if you need any help with benefits or filling in forms,Im happy to help.xxxxx if you havent got my email addy its below xxxxxxxx


Jan said...

Gosh Zoe ,you have covered everything here ,what party are you standing for ? ,be assured of my vote Jan xx

mortonlake said...

ive decided im voting for the party that will give me the biggest bung for my 2 n mum.well,if the MPs can do it,why cant we?? good entry hun. tc love mort xxxx