Monday, 19 April 2010

Email flood

Ok Ive had a sudden rush of emails already,Ive said Id help some individually but a few will help some people here.I hope..
Ok attendance allowance rules..
You have to be over 65,under that you will need to claim DLA,sorry,However attendance allowance is easier,rarely needs a medical and if you apply online,set up a government gateway account,keep the log in details and sign in to claim anything else after that you may need.I can send a link if you need it.You must try for attendance allowance soon though,government rules are changing attendance allowance could be replaced if Labour or the Conservatives are elected.They know theres loopholes so claim now if youve delayed.
Attendance allowance is based on how much care you need,unlike DLA which is based on two factors,mobility or carers although you can get both,getting either is terrible.
You dont have to be being cared for to get attendance allowance,just need care,you can live alone and be in reciept of pension credit etc,it wont affect any of your benefits,it will enhance them.
On top rate attendance allowance,you get top rate pension credit,full housing and council tax benefit and all the free prescriptions etc you need.
Be careful of your savings,but dont move them,this will be seen as trying to hide them,be honest because they will find out.
As I said before,but to clarify,pick your worst day and night,focus on the night,say you have to take painkillers or your tablets all through the night,you sleep in a chair because arthritis stops you laying flat or laying in a bed,eg.knee pain,back pain,neck pain,also state if you have arthritis of the neck,that you feel faint if your head is laid back in bed.
Name all tablets on the form and what they are for,the frequency you take them and the milligrams.It is important,as I said fill up the 'more information' box at the end with all this,the form doesnt always cater for the information you have to give.Focus on night problems I cant emphasise that enough.They will call you when they recieve the form,so always keep a copy of what youve said by the phone,photocopy it,it only costs 10p at the library.
Never say the conditions come and go either,they are your worst days and nights remember you have them all the time.
If you live in an area that does this,your application can be passed to an organisation that caters for disabled equipment.You can have a home visit assessment done and may be entitled to a free walk in shower,adjustable bed or chair or handrails,so ask the attendance allowance people when they call.Supporting people is one group that is supported by the government and will help you.
Ok Employers support allowance...
This is a relatively new benefit,its replaced incapacity benefit,intially you are paid straight away pending a medical so be careful,from what I can gather,if the medical finds you fit for work you may have to repay the monies you first recieved,a con I know.I havent got figures here mainly because its changing again,theyve only just brought the bloody benefit out,but anyway go to the DWP site to get an update.Ill send a link if you need it.Just be wary of it.
Income support...
This replaced lone parent benefit ages ago but is also used to as the old supplementary benefit,thats going back a bit eh? If you have no monies/income and are waiting for pension credit etc,you can claim this but again be wary,if pension credit pay you back pay to a date where you have recieved income support,you may owe money,I know,its not even alot,the basic before they start deducting stuff is only £60.00 per week,paid fortnightly,so weigh up if its worth the enormous form and aggro on the phone for 40 bloody minutes.One thing it can do for you is allow you full housing and council tax benefit so its swings and roundabouts.
NI contributions...
I found something out the other day,you may know this,but theres two types of NI contributions,the second type you can apparently defer into a private pension scheme,its hard to find out,but the government introduced this a while ago,you cant claim the monies only put them into a scheme and it wont be alot,but its worth checking out.It lowers your basic pension but if you have a stakeholder pension it may be better for you.
Over 60 discounts...
Now this may involve a bit of faffing about but its worth it for the money off.B and Q,Focus DIY,Wyevale nuseries,Boots and many more companies offer over 60s discount cards for their products,the discounts vary but on average its 10%,pick up the application forms in store,take proof of age and there you are,for Boots you need to have an advantage card also though.Dont forget if youre 75 or over you get a free tv license,so go watch it for free with your free glasses and extra discount at vision express lol. Back later xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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