Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Ive been playing with my settings,and yes,I cant remember how to work this blasted thing now,it was all so simple before,ahh thats life innit?
Wimmin !!
Anyhoo,how are we today? Why am I asking you? You cant answer,well I hope youre ok.The sun is shining here,so true to form,Im in the house cleaning,actually Im writing this but I will be cleaning shortly.(After a couple of coffees).
I was thinking last night of trying to find my old aol blog archives,has anyone done that? Surely its not all dissappeared.I cant get over it,I loved that blog honestly.
Im just killing time until the men in white coats get here,theyre late again.Men eh?
Its Morts birthday today 21 again Mort? Actually hes 57,lol and he will probably kill me for saying that,he he....oh I forgot hes got my mobile number...anyway happy birthday Mort I hope youre better,we want a bit of cake.
Well I dont like cake much,a sausage roll will do me....whose laughing?
Theres nothing like sausages to get my mouth watering....again with the laughter?
Ahem...Ive noticed alot of the old crew from aol dont post much on here,I think although this does suffice as a blog place,especially to keep in touch with you all,can I just say,its not the community we had before,its kinda more distant.I found 'D's designs but I havent a clue how to put the tags here,Im sure if I look hard enough its easy,but to be honest,dressing up my blog page seems different,I cant make it like I used to,with my comedy vids to cheer you up and my naughty animations to while away the wee small hours.Bummer !!
I know it can be done,I was on 'Ste's last night,( Steves diner),hes got the lot,but I dunno I need inspiration to be honest.When I go to comment it gets lost and my pic doesnt show up,then last night I found a way to link to my facebook but I got cut off and cant find it now...yes I know Im technically challenged !!
Im sure someone will come here and help........was that a tumble weed?
Could someone please reach that cobweb in the top right corner? I cant since a nasty back injury playing whist last summer.
Liar !! No my pants arent on fire.But I wish they were.
Want to hear a joke? Yes you do now pay attention....

Three old gentlemen are sat on a park bench,watching the world pass by,all are in their twilight years but enjoying the scenery,a squirrel,the bees lapping pollen from the nearby flower bed,a big breasted female jogger in a tight lycra top...
George,Bert and Alfred are eating their potted meat sandwiches in the sunshine.
From the quiet reflection George whistfully recounts...
'You know what I regret?' 
The other two turn to him,
'I regret not marrying that Enid,she was a fine woman,why did I let her marry that idiot?'
Bert put down his sandwich..
'Ahh she was that George,a fine woman.You must have been mad.Do you know what I regret?'
George turns his attention to a whistful Bert...
'I regret not going to Australia when I had the chance,that job was perfect,I would have retired by the time I was 40,If only I could turn back time'
George frowns...'Bert youre a complete dingbat,I dont know what you were thinking'...
George and Bert continue to consume the last of their sandwiches,then stop,they turn their attention to a fidgety Alfred.
'What are you doing Man?' Said George,irritated.
Alfred,now stood up,was frantically scratching himself down the front of his trousers with his comb..Then screams...
'You know what I bloody regret? Not wearing a condom with those three sweedish au pairs last night !!'

Ok Im off before you start throwing rotten tomatoes,my cooker needs scrubbing,we had pizza last night,say no more Zoe. Toodle pip xxxxxxx


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