Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Something to look forward to....

Hi all,I think Ive managed to find alot of you today,from Aol blogs to blogger not alot has changed,thank God.I hope some of you will join me here,'Ste','Diary of a podgy poof','Lainey' and 'Donna Ds designs'.
After all of my trials and tribulations,'Oh we are many',I am looking forward to taking my new man out on his birthday.New man? Already Zoe? Well some people know,mainly because I blurted it out on my facebook,me being the shy retiring sort,(snigger).
However yes,I am seeing someone,actually I used to work with him.Those who know me well remember me working at a 'Shell' garage,if you dont,I cant help you,however that aside,he worked there too.Although we were lone workers,on shift change we used to talk for ages,just about stuff etc.No I didnt have an affair with him while I was there either,just in case you wondered.
I left that job to work at Tescos,for a while until the court case of 2007,and the Hell that happened there,but we still texted and kept in touch.We always did,I used to take 'Pete' a Christmas present over every year and I guess I did miss him alot,if Im honest.Not in 'that' way,at least I dont think so.
Anyway,I was in Oxford,caring for Dad,( central oxford Lyn), and I had a new phone,it kept going wrong so I texted everyone to give them my old number again as I was using it as my emergency phone.Pete texted me back first,saying 'Hi emergency phone'.I realised then we hadnt spoken for ages,so I texted and said we would have to go out for a drink one night and catch up.Well we did,and I must admit,we didnt stop talking all night,I ended up staying overnight with him,not sleeping together or anything,just chatting all night,it was great,his father had died of cancer a little while before,and he helped me to come to terms with everything that was happening.
Anyway,after Paul threw us out,Peter knew we had serious problems,the worst being no food,so he bought us our shopping,and helped us with problems in the house.Hes a proper 'northern man' straight up and down as they say.So he tends to say as he finds,he told me he thought I was gorgeous,gorgeous? Me? And we kissed.And Ive not looked back lol.
I know hes a bit older than me,alot of peeps will cause probs I know,but hes amazing,a gentleman,affectionate,polite,generous and good God I wont say what else,its not printable,but lets just say,Ive discovered something I didnt know I thats gotcha guessing.Ok a little clue,its a spot,most women wish could be found and alot think doesnt does...ahem thats enough of that ooer missus.
So Im happy,nearly 40 and finally happy,not bad eh?
Ok so Im wrinkly and past my prime,lol,but hey who isnt? Ok most of you,but in the great scheme of it all who isnt? Help me here.
Can I just say,not to dwell on sexual matters too much,as a man gets older he gets better.I am even enjoying cuddles in bed,something seriously lacking in my life before,I feel special.I stay at his house one night,he stays at mine two or three every week,we talk for ages,he gets on well with the children and we laugh alot.That I needed more than anything.He takes me out,something I hadnt done for about 20 odd years,a reason to dress up folks,wow.So as you can tell I cant stop yabbering about him,but I will cos youre bored.
Back to business then,toilets !! Yes you heard me...TOILETS !! Leaking bloody ones,in fact we have three here,the house used to be a hotel/guest house and so is large,it has 9 bedrooms and two showers,no bath grr.Its falling apart with damp walls,leaking sewerage pipe outside and broken windows.My landlord is an ass and when I sent in a formal complaint,came here personally and tried to threaten me in front of my children.I say tried,Im not threatened easily and stood my ground,well he shouldnt turn up here in a Rolls Royce car and act like he owns me.The council have been round to take pics,I assume they will take my landlord to court,I cant get hold of the woman doing the report to ask.However Im keeping back my rent to get us out.Sod em,sod em all I say !!
Just in case you are living in the north and fancy renting a business or domestic property,dont go with a company called 'Home Trader',they are crap.
Anyway Im off to get a coffee,again,I hope everyones well,if I dont see you here,catch me on facebook,pop over and thrash me on mob wars or sommat,see you soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Ally Lifewithally said...

It is so good to know you are so happy ~ sounds like you have found yourself a good man ~ wishing you all the happiness in the world ~ Ally x

ADB said...

Can only say, Zoe, that in spite of all the sh*te you've been through in the last 5 months, you haven't changed one bit lmao. Keep smiling!!

mortonlake said...

thass my zoe,lol.missed you,he found it??lol.smiles n winks knowingly, so glad he's such a good man hun,you need someone like him after all you have been through,may you both be happy.gee,coffs,i hope so.lmao.take care zoe,lots of love,mort xxx