Monday, 23 March 2009

Hey it works !!!

Im still trying to get to grips with blogspot,but to be honest,I think its better than AOhell,ooh dare I say that? I shall be struck down.Anyway,hello everyone,thank you all so much for your kind words and its great to see some old friends and some new ones.Thank you Mort for announcing my return,youll regret it later lol.
So whats been going on? Well I shall digress further,partly because I did say I would but mostly because,yes you guessed it,Im bored.
Well as I said before,Dad passed away in october,I had been travelling to oxford to care for him at home as he didnt want to die in hospital,he had lung cancer and it had spread everywhere.I used to leave on a monday stay all week and return friday night back home.It wasnt easy but its what he wanted,and I loved him so very much.I still cry alot,my Dad was my confidant,we would talk for an hour every day on the phone,I miss that so much.He would help me,and we would laugh so much.Theres not much to laugh at these days,but I try to find something fun,every day,its just my way I guess.The funeral wasnt totally covered by his insurance and its taken until last week to finish paying for it,Im not sure how I feel now,its a bit final eh?
In the last two weeks before he died,Paul argued alot with me and the children,Im not sure what was going on there,but it ended up in him having a fight with my eldest,then telling me and the kids to get out.
It took me ages to sort it all,and living separately in one house is not easy.
On 18th december we moved here,further into blackpool town,what a dump,the house needs condeming and the council sent someone round the other week,the woman took pictures etc and buggered off,cheers eh?
So as of 1st april,Im not going to pay rent,Im saving the money to get us out.Im on benefits and monies are very tight,over Christmas I couldnt afford food,my benefits were slow to come,and so I got badly behind with bills,I still am really.But hey if Im made bankrupt,Im still alive,it could be worse as they say.Although I dunno how.
Im still teaching the children at home,theyre doing ok,although Im still getting probs with Pauls family over it,mainly because they think Robert,my youngest, cant read,but he can,he has a good reading level and is pretty good at most subjects,his writing is getting better and hes very happy.Thats whats important,he was very unhappy at school,very distressed and wouldnt join in,often humming to himself when he was asked to do anything,hes settled at home,works well and enjoys it.
But anyway,you just cant seem to please some people can you?
Robert sees his Dad at weekends,I have no problem with that.
So really thats what we are up to now,if I dissappear from time to time,dont worry,perhaps my internets been cut off lol,well it might happen you know,Mort has my moby number so he can txt me to see how we are.I know hes been very unwell for a while now,I just hope things start to get better for him soon.
Ok Im off to get a coffee then Im going to have a lookie as to how to add tags and pics on here,so I can swamp it with sparklies etc,I hope youre all well,love to you all and thanx for looking in on me,I will add some of you too later,if I can work out how to do that lol.TC xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Melanie said...

So sorry to hear about your father.
My condolences to you and you family.


mortonlake said...

hi hun,i may be feeling crap but i always have time for you zoe.sly wink, gentle for all youve been through,ive already told you what i think,im just glad you are ok,and hope life gets easier for you,take care,lots of love mort xxx

LYN said...