Thursday, 29 July 2010

The morning after

Well here I am day one after taking my first tablet,as you can see from the off,Im up early,actually truth be known I was up at about 8am but I didnt know what planet I was on,so now the internal gubbings are working Im officially up.
Im quite dizzy and my head feels like I have a hangover,my mouth is dry so thank goodness I found the website about the side effects,or Id think I had slept walked and spent the night living it up with a hobo.
Fancy not giving me a sheet of info with my tablets? Strange that.
I feel like Im someone else,if you get me,like Im not in my body,so it must have been a good night lol.I did get out of bed but I found myself at my bedroom door,its weird waking up and looking at a door,it takes a few moments to realise where you are.I had some really vivid dreams as per,but at least I got back to sleep after which is a bonus.
Anyway,thats one reason I wanted to be here writing,the other is some info for you.
Here in good old Blackpool,a pilot scheme was introduced by the government for the old housing benefit.I call it the old housing benefit because now the scheme has gone national and is in place.The website says 2008 but thats bollox,sorry but it is.
It works under the principal of how many bedrooms you need as opposed to paying a percentage of your rent,( for a private landlord not the council by the way),to your landlord.
So laymens terms...
If you rent from a private landlord,your claim will be assessed thus...
One room per adult
One room per couple
One room per person over 16
One room for two same sex relative,e.g. two brothers under 16 share.
If you are living alone and share the bathroom etc with other occupants,you get one room rate.Some rules are different for under 25s too.
One room for different sex child,e.g if you have a son and a daughter its one room each,I think.
So,for room for me,one for my son and his girlfriend,one for their daughter whose two,one for my two sons under 16 and one for my 16 year old daughter.So I am entitled to...the five bedroomed rate.
Of course the rules still apply as before,so if any occupants work then you recieve less,but if they recieve benefits check things out,you can get extra if you care for someone on DLA or attendance allowance,more if they are on the higher rates of those too.Its not easy to work out at first.Now the reason Im talking about this is because some of you may notice that your housing benefit has gone down,its not as much as it was,dont expect a leter about it,youre expected to look this all up yourself.
Please,if you find there is not enough to pay your rent,go to the C.A.B,( citizens advice bureau),and take your award notices,there are laws about making a person homeless yes,but you also have welfare rights and are entitled to extra help if you are on a very low income and considered a vaunerable member of society.The council wont help you and theyre not interested,take it from me.You just get the usual spiel.
If you dont know where your local C.A.B is click this link...C.A.B
Below is the website to find the table to work out your entitlement,I hope it helps,you need to find your local council then input your circumstances to get an idea,the reason being that all councils rental values are different,if a council has been assessed as having a broad rental market,most of the rents are relatively the same,if not then the rents can vary,as it would mean that the house values also vary in that area,anyhoo,heres your link to go find out...L.H.A
Please remember to check in case your housing benefit has gone down,it shouldnt do but they are being very stringent with all this and they are making mistakes,the council dont admit mistakes so you need the C.A.B on your side from the off.
I hope this has helped.
Im off to get a to you and have a mad five minutes,toodle pip.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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