Friday, 2 April 2010

OH MY GOD !!!!

 You may recall yesterday that I was talking about recieving begging spam mail through my windows live account.If not go look at my old posts.Anyway I sent a reply,also posted here,well youre not going to believe this,but I got a reply from this bloke again today,you gotta hand it to him hes a persistant so and so,the bit I like best is he addressed it to,Miss Mary Likes !! Ha ha ha.I had told him to send correspondance to my old favourite addy..
Miss Mary Likes
The cockwell inn
Have a look at what hes said,I cant stop laffing...

Miss Mary Likes

Thanks for your response to my proposal and your wiliness to assist me in this transaction. I want you to understand that this is a very confidential business that I don’t want anybody to know until it is done. I am in hiding and I would not like to continue like this when I get to Britain.
I don’t know this your manager John Davis and to be sincere to you, I would not give out the bank details of information until I know who is helping me or whom I am dealing with. I hope you understand where I am standing.
I want you to know that this is a legal business and will be legally done and also it will be easy to transfer this huge money to any destination after the beneficiary’s name have been changes to either your name of your manager’s name. You just need to instruct the bank to effect the transfer to your destine account BIT by BIT.
You should not worry about my coming to Britain because I already contact for it. I would come over as soon as this money is transferred out of here. Finally, I would like you to forward your direct email address were we will be communication as from now and also you’re Full Contact Address: Telephone # & Mobile #. Thanks once again and I hope
Best regards
Mathew Ogah

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