Monday, 19 April 2010

A message to Marion

Hello Marion my love,youre now famous,everyone will know your name lol,ok I know youre having problems,(be me for a day),but I will help,now go to the bottom of this page,at the very end in the left hand corner,there is a link called...'older posts' click that and it will take you to what I wrote before,that way you can read everything Ive posted today.Im sorry my love its hard to keep up I know,but I agree there is alot to take in,any more probs with your email and Ill help you here,dont panic xxxxx
As for the rest of you,I hope posting it all here is helpful,please be gentle with me,Im doing individual cases here and form filling on the government gateway for Marion,so be patient,send me a mail and if I cant answer personally,Ill pop info on here,remember,claim now before the election I cant emphasise that enough.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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