Thursday, 8 April 2010

Hi all

As you can all see,Ive managed to upload my tags to my sidebar,I also tweaked my colours and now Im back to garish pink,yey.
Well you gotta eh?
All I have to do now is work out the HTML on the videos I post so they dont run over the sidebar.Its a hard life for a crust of bread eh?
Anyway,I hope your week is going well.It was Petes birthday on tuesday and he said he had a lovely time,Im so glad I was pretty nervous.I had been texting his best mate to get him to come along on the night,( as a surprise),which he did,but there was a sticky moment there for me,as his mates name is Nigel,but to sway Pete away from suspecting what I was up to,I called him Dave on my mobile phone,well,'Dave' texted me when I was sat next to Pete one night,and me not thinking,I opened it,it read,'Ill meet you about 7pm'.Hmm that didnt look good,so when I was asked who texted I had to lie,yes you heard it here first folks,I LIED !!
Pete never said a word,but that could have been hard to explain if prompted.Anyway crisis averted,'Dave' did come along and a merry eves drinking was had by all.Thumbs up for a beer I cannot pronounce neither can I spell it,but it was good.
And a black russian before hometime.( No not a real russian...).
Anyway,I feel much more at home now I have my tags.Did you know AOL have had the cheek to set up blogs? Theyre a bit crappy,not a community or anything like before,but after all that fuss.I would complain but it means opening a new window and I cant be arsed.
Plus Im eating pizza and my keyboard is getting slimey.
So if anyone has any ideas on how to change the HTML code on the you tube vids Id be most grateful,Thank you Mort for helping out with the pic issue thing-a-my-jig,I didnt need to worry about photobucket in the end,just uploaded the images to my p.c and Bobs your uncle and fannys your they say.Ahem.
So Im off to consume some more pizza and wipe my hands down my jeans....Im not a lady you know.Dont come here expecting culture,I havent got any left.Toodle pip xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


mortonlake said...

left butt i was of little help sweety.xxxx

Jan said...

Culture! hey gal you have a culture all your own and we love you for it ,whats this about AOL and blogger ,did I hear you right ?? enjoy the Jan xx