Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Hi all,Im back after a loverly weekend of rest and relaxation...yeah right Zoe.
All that I asked is that I could have a quiet weekend as I was going to the doctors today about my raised blood pressure and I wanted a good result,so all weekend Ive had,in-fighting siblings,my mobile ringing red hot and yes..youve guessed it,my bloody exs and their flaming problems.
However crisis averted,my b.p was normal,hoo-bloody-ray !!
God alone knows how.
Anyhoo,I cant change my pill because its the law or something,so whatever.
Anyway,I wanted to talk about something/somethings controversial,I know its not my normal genre...hmmm...but stick with it for a bit.
I read in a paper today,that a 14 year old girl,having been sexually abused by a 42 year old man,upon hearing that her case against him was dropped,went around to his flat and stabbed him.
I could say alot of things,but I will say this...Its about bloody time,he was a pedophile and had got away with various crimes,IF the tabloids are to be believed,and Im sorry if this doesnt sit well,I dont condone murder,but the bloody system sucks,big time,he shouldnt have got off,yes if he didnt do it then Im wrong and Ill hold my hands up,but if he did,just think about a system that allows him out to walk the streets.
I also heard on the news that smacking your child in your home is to be brought up in the commons with a view to outlaw it,as it infringes your childs civil liberties.Ok I agree if youre going to beat them,or hit them,but Im on about a smack when theyre really naughty.
For example,my son wrenched his hand from mine when he was 3 years old and ran across the road in front of a car,I grabbed him back and immediately smacked his bottom,I was terrified and told him never to do that again.It didnt leave a mark but shocked him so much,that if I ever said Id smack his bottom again,he would stop what he was doing straight away.
I have hardly ever smacked any of my four children and I abhore those who do it for no reason,but I believe that children need some discipline,hence why children now have so much power,they can report a parent for anything.Its stupid,then the schools are saying that children are unruly and its terrible,but theres no discipline at all,so they run riot,schools arent safe and now the streets arent,children are not old enough to decide what should happen in the world,they need guidance and stability,not through smacking I agree,but if they dont have any punishment for anything they do wrong,how on earth can we have children who are happy,they need boundaries,not to be given everything they want,what does that do? Do you think for one moment they will love you more? I can tell you they wont.
My Dad never smacked me once,but if he said it was bedtime,I went,I respected him and yes I pushed my parents,but they educated me,so I didnt run riot,I didnt swear at them,and they didnt to me either,they didnt shout,we had family time every evening.
The internet,mobile phones and under age adult behaviour have taken our children,told them they can be adults before theyre ready and have taken away the basics of their needs...a childhood.
The right to play and get dirty,climb trees,swim in the lakes,hide and seek.Now its ..texting,sit at home,play a better game system than the neighbours,listen to crap music that promotes sex and drugs openly in the lyrics like its right to do,even rape I might add,and let them get drunk and hurt people..Why?
Because they can,no punishment for them because it will infringe their rights as people,sod the rights of the rest of us though eh?
So now our future generation wont set laws,find cures,write books,solve crimes,help those less fortunate,design things,become world leaders,end poverty or war...
Most will be dead by the time theyre 40.Alcohol abuse,cancers,domestic violence,drug abuse,gang wars,selfish materialistic lazy and a complete waste,theyre intelligent,they have the best generation so far,everything they want at the touch of a button,yet they dont have love,respect or maturity.Its like handing a baby the red button to launch nuclear missiles because he was crying and wanted it.Oh well then if he wanted it,he shall have it...the inpatience of youth.
Why have we become this way? Because we are a weak society led by people who say we cant do anything unless they say so,they employ tabloids to tell you what to wear,if its not in fashion dont expect it to be in any shops,they tell us how to look,if youre fat you may as well be dead,if you dont have big boobs then youre not a woman,if youre not buff youre not a man,we must look to celebrity to see how to live,not take from our family experiences,we must moan about the small things and not care about the big issues.Let anyone die so long as you can have that extra money,car,house,someone elses wife.
Take what you dont earn,dont respect others and most of all,hate anyone who doesnt conform.
Im not one for conforming,I never will be,Im either voting BNP or the monster raving looney party,I will eat what I want,Im not stick thin and I dont care,my man loves me and thinks Im great,hes a real man,he opens doors,doesnt swear at me or hit me and we laugh together.I dont care what others think I should wear,Im 40 I wear jeans and strappy tops,I wear heels although theyre hard to find,I dress up when I see my man,I was taught to always look your very best,and you feel confident,I dont need a tabloid to tell me what to eat,where to go on holiday,what to wear or to have surgery.Im my own person and if I want to change my mind,act mental or dress up like morticia adams I bloomin well will.
Ive only got this life,I dont want to fill it with regret or be timid,I want to love and be loved and I dont need alcohol or anything else to make that happen.
My friends on here are select for a reason,every single one of you are brave,I admire you all,some are terminally ill,some with long term dibillitating conditions,some have survived the most horrific domestic violence,some have lost people and have had real problems getting back on their feet,some have been persecuted for their sex or age or disability,alot have been sexually abused and hurt.I get alot of emails as alot of people dont wish to leave comment here,I spend a long time answering you all.You are all the bravest people I know and I am honoured that I am surrounded by such humility and strength,all those who take not give and moan that they have nothing should look to you all,doing work for charities,volunteering your time,caring for loved ones when youre in so much pain yourselves,getting on with it all after losing a partner or parent,never moaning once,not bloody once,well Im going to say it,ITS NOT FAIR,the selfish lazy people of this world should try being you for a day,they wouldnt last one minute.
Shame on them I applaude you all,Im only one person but I do care and I thank you all for your love,it is very much appreciated.
Put that in your pipe and smoke it Gordon Brown !!

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