Monday, 22 March 2010

Juicy bits

Hi campers,as you can tell from my last post,Ive had a few emails,yey the pic insertion worked,sorry if I offended anyone with it,but I did say it was me to avert isnt by the way lmao.
Anyway,I seem to get alot of email comments,Im not sure what Ive done there,although I dont mind,here there anywheres fine by me....what do you mean you know?
So to answer one that seems to crop up alot....Yes I am a bit mad.I cant help it Im on some new tablets and Ive kind of got tourettes,but without the swearing,( dont email and tell me Ive spelt tourettes wrong,I dont care),Anyhoo,so I tend to say what Im thinking,although,thank GOD its worn off a bit since last week,its quite embarrassing for anyone out with me.Apologies to Pete and my daughter who had to suffer me last week with this.
For example,I was minding my own business and saw a lady not dis-similar to the one in the last pic,she was struggling to walk and get up a few steps,her husband was having to help her,and I thought she looked like she was in a fair bit of pain.I paid no real mind to her until she sat down on a bench outside of the hotel across the road.Her husband went inside and when he came out,he had two plates of food,quite large ones to be truthful.He placed them down in front of his wife then went back inside,by now I was intrigued,he came back out with a small plate of food and sat down with it.
Well,I was insensed,the lady had two massive plates of food for herself,while her husband went short,I wanted to go over to her,stand in front of her and shout very loudly....'STOP EFFIN EATING !!'
I had to ask to leave where we were before I did,I was feeling faint by now anyway,Ive been a bit under the weather,but it drove me mad,her husband is her carer and it just winds me up.I know we can all be overweight for many reasons and maybe it isnt because of her eating,but eating that much wouldnt help either,her legs were all twisted and she was huffing and puffing.Oh my God.
I feel better now yes thank you lol.
Things get on our nerves and when we save it all up we go off on one for nothing usually so I like to pontificate when I can.
Thats my problem,where I live there are alot of alcoholics,yes they are,not just people who drink,I mean serious drunks,like 24/7 drunk and causing probs etc.Yet they get disability payments from the government,so what do they spend it on? DRINK !!
If I have to go to the chemist for medicine for anyone,you can guarantee I have to wait in a massive queue behind at least six people taking methodone before I get served,they just walk in and get it.
When I was caring for my Dad,he needed morphine tablets,well some of you may remember the stupid district nurse he had and the arguements I had with her,well on one occaision,she forgot to order his repeat priscription of morphine,so I called her and she brought the prescription round to his flat.I had just arrived in oxford from Blackpool so I wasnt in the best of moods having had to call her en-route.
Anyway,I ran into town and went to boots,the pharmasist was on his lunch but was due back within about ten minutes,and I was first in line so I waited.
The pharmasist came back,made up the prescription and put it in a bag,he placed it behind the counter,which I thought was a bit odd,I stood up and I was about to tell him I was there,when a load of people stood beside a booth next to the counter moved forward,the pharmasist started giving them the methodone drinks and reading out more and more names.I just kicked off,I had left my Dad in his flat with the carers,who had to leave,to get the damn prescription,I was first in line and the bloody pharmasist was serving loads of people in front of me,they werent there before.The pharmasist then told me to sit down,he didnt like my attitude and they had a zero tolerance policy and can have me removed from the premises.
I just carried on and he slammed the prescription on the counter and asked me to leave.
What the hell? I wanted a prescription for a pain killer for a dying man,and the drug substitute that people who didnt queue,who chose to be ill and drank right there,were served in front of me.Why even bother why not just run a lottery?
Dont complain though,its like hospitals,thats zero tolerance too,so if you need painkillers in hospital because youre in agony,dont shout or you could be thrown out for upsetting the staff.
Its all rubbish,what about my zero tolerance?
I dont tolerate drug addicts getting what they want in front of sick and dying people,I dont tolerate people who drink into oblivion and then claim they cant work and get disability,when truely disabled people have to have a test to see if theyre lying before they can get it,you have to have no legs or a terminal illness to get help.I dont tolerate users,people that expect carers to help them when they wont help themselves,the elderly should have free carers,theyve paid their dues why do they have to sell their houses to get the measley help thats on offer?
People who say 'ooh my back' then get everything and then go out and resurface their drive-way on their own,even digging the hardcore out,( yes Ive actually seen that ,myself),I cant tolerate teenagers who think the world owes them everything but dont want to earn it,instead they rob,hurt and film it if you like !!
I dont tolerate criminals that want to be let off for taking a life and I dont tolerate the law for letting them.
Neither should you,we sit here moaning but we think we cant do anything about it.How have things been changed before? Usually by one person sticking their neck out for the rights of others.It starts small but nows a good time,with elections coming up you can get things done.
If you have a relative who you look after,check theyre getting everything they can,the headbangers in charge dont care about the sick and elderly,you have to stand up for them.
Shout at your doctor if he wont come out when your baby is sick,he should end of.
Dont accept paying out on expensive things,shop elsewhere but let the shop know theyre con artists.
We didnt ask for analogue to be switched off,yet so many people went out and bought new tellys and equipment,the government are earning out of the companies again,like the millenium bug,etc etc.
I dont want to read about Cheryl cole and her cheating husband or Katie price and Peter Andre and theyre inanely boring crap marriage,theyre earning out of you every time you buy that magazine or paper,did you even know theres been two earthquakes,a sunami and a volcano eruption recently? Only if you follow some of the blogs on here,come on for crying out loud.People are starving,dying and being murdered and thats just in this country.
If you lived in Haiti or Africa would you give a rats ass if Cheryl Cole wears extensions or if Jordan has had lash extensions,because we are told by the media these are beautiful desirable women,we think they are,if you passed Cheryl in the street you wouldnt give the poison dwarf a second look,with her pitted face and tons of make up on.If you passed Jordan youd laff,she looks like a transvestite.
Im not saying Im better,I dont think I am,but I see beauty differently.
Beauty is a new born baby,a child with a smile,that first smile.A woman with a flushed face holding the baby shes waited for.A woman on her wedding day.Or a pregnant woman,glowing and proud.A man whose in love or has just proposed and the woman he loves said yes.
The most beautiful thing I have experienced,and Ive experienced alot,was when my Dad smiled at me and told me he had loved me ever since the first day he held me.I take that with me everywhere.He died a few days after and he was still smiling.No amount of surgery or false hope can take from you your soul.
We are all beautiful and we are all capable of being ugly,Ive seen ugly too,not in a face,but in people,hate,agression and false love,its the ugliest thing ever.
I dont tolerate that either.
Yeah ok,im going off on one again,I cant hope to change everything,but if one person stops and thinks...'hmm,actually shes right,thats not fair',then something good has happened.So stop reading the papers,manipulating your views,keep your views theyre important,dont accept rubbish from shops,go elsewhere for goodness sake,dont pay extortionate bills to highway robbers,go find a better supplier,dont spend all your life reading labels on your food,theyre lying to you,bloody calories etc,its all to get you to buy it.Dont do those stupid faddy diets,get off your but,go out for a long walk and eat what makes you happy,in moderation,youve got one life,go outside and see the sun,feel the rain on your face,the wind,smell the grass,hayfever or not.( Dont forget the anti-hystermines tho),love someone who loves you,tell them every day,if you dont have someone love yourself,just once a day,dont let people tell you youre ugly or stupid,be proud,youre here,life doesnt go on forever live it now.


Ally Lifewithally said...

Hi Zoe have just been catching up with your entries ~ I found this one interesting and do so agree with a lot you have written ~ you are right when you say Life don't go on forever Live it now ~ No one gets out of this life alive so I agree with you :o)

Jan said...

Gosh Zoe' you really are on form here gal ,good on ya ,go for it Jan xx