Thursday, 11 March 2010


You may ask why on earth am I still up typing on this computer at almost 1am?
I had a bit of an arguement today,well alot of an arguement if Im honest,I dont want to get into the personal 'who said what' thingy,but it wasnt about that anyway.Its that a subject that you have already made clear to someone,isnt up for discussion,then requires that they continue with 100 miles an hour forcing it all that really gets me.I mean how many times do you need to say 'no' before people get it?
I wonder sometimes why I bother,is it done to wind me up? To make me insane,or just to abate the other persons boredom?
Is their life so mind meltingly numbing that I have to listen to the inane drivvle,begging and sheer bare-faced cheek of it all,over and bloody over again?
Its all about them folks eh? Me me me,I want,give me,etc etc and when that doesnt work,the nasties come in,dragging up your past in your face,then saying sorry,then dragging up their past and comparing you to it,then saying sorry,then pulling an arguement out of the hat from way back and recounting every word you said,yet when you were argueing they couldnt remember what started it all.
Blah blah blah.
Im so sick of it all,using children to get close to you,then when that doesnt work,pretending theres a new love in their life,when you show no interest,ohh lets think,I know lets give false hope over something they know you need or want,then if that doesnt work,go quiet and act like youve hurt their feelings,or change the subject mid-arguement.When all else fails,drag up the worst thing that ever happened to you then say,'no wonder so and so dumped you',or another chestnut is...'I dont blame him for smacking you one',but the best one of all is...'no wonder your ex went mad'.
Guess what me old mucker,I might drive men mad,then again I might just have had two rotten eggs in a basket,shit happens.
You chose me,you wanted me and the baggage that comes with me,you had it all,money,nice house,well paid job,wife,child/children and everything that comes with that.You didnt want it anymore,you wanted someone or something else,it was all too much effort,its all good when you need someone to lean on,but woe betide anyone who might ask you to lend a hand.Keep your money,your house,your managerie of abused animals,your 44hh real real breasts,youre alcoholic waste of space girlfriend,your imaginary pregnant woman who went back to her husband cos she loved you too much...whatever !!
It doesnt matter what you say,it doesnt matter what you do,you lost it,I dont want it ever again,I dont care if your life is crud or your girlfriend doesnt do it for you anymore,Im not going to either,been there done that burnt the tee shirt.
Every episode has to end,end means to cease,to exist no more,not keep going on into infinity.Im not here to call when your bloody girlfriend walks out,or when you get a new one and you tell her some crap about me hounding you,then she calls me and warns me off.I dont care if youve hit on hard times,or no one likes you anymore,you did the crime do the time.I have had it up to here with exs and their whinging,I know you both read this so listen up cos its only coming once....
The word to everything you want to ask me is....NO!!!
Sorry to everyone else reading this I know I shouldnt sound off but God Almighty,if ever theres a good reason to blow up an island,its one with exs on it.
People are dying in this world,children being abused,people being killed,poverty,earthquakes,terrorism etc etc,does it really matter about what selfish people want? I think not.xxxxxxxxxxx

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