Monday, 15 March 2010

Hello campers

Hi all,I hope all you mums out there had a lovely mothers day on sunday.Ive got a lovely 'mum' necklace and some cards,it was a relaxing weekend,and so Monday had to be manic really didnt it?
The lady from the home education dept was due at 3pm today,mainly to bring a form to help with costs of the private tuition I have chosen to do.I should imagine she would have wanted to do an assessment of the work weve done too blah blah.However at 3.25 pm I get a call to say shes caught with another person and is running late,so can we re-schedule? So I waited in for bog all yet again.Why do I bother eh? If its not her its bloody workmen honestly.
Theres so much going on at the moment I dont have a free day to just sit around.I wish I did,if it wasnt for my weekends,Id have gone mad by now.
Things are so uppy and downy at the moment,you just see things starting to work out then another problem pops up.
Oh well thats life as they say.Its not long now and my only daughter will be sixteen....SIXTEEN !! God I feel old,thats not the best bit,my eldest son is 20 this year in june !! Arrrgghhh.Theres too many birthdays to contend with these days,Kerrys is 24th march,then Petes 6th April,Ben 22nd june thats without my Dads on 10th june,I dont know what to do there,his ashes werent spread at the crematorium because thats all the way in Oxford,I cant get there,so theyre with me,so I cant exactly put flowers down.What should I do? I could place flowers at the local crematorium but hes not there and it seems a bit daft doing that.I always light a candle so thats no problem,but what else should I do? Then its fathers day sometime in late june,oh for crying out loud,I want these ashes somewhere,but I promised to plant a rose in my garden to remember him I was going to place the ashes near to it,point is though,I have a concrete yard.(Of course you do Zoe),I dunno if theres an awkward way of doing it,Ill find it.
I went to the post office today to get a change of name form for my post office account,I asked for it and you would have thought it was a simple request...alas but no...I say 'can I have a change of name form for my account',he says 'for your post office account?' I say,'yes',He says 'For your post office cash account you mean?' I say 'Yes'....pause,'You mean a change of name form?'.....'YES!!!'
So finally I get it,by now theres a flaming queue behind me so I cant fill it out and hand it over because its too bloody busy,arrggghhh.
Thats better.Ill do it tomorrow I think.
Why dont the tax credits 'hotline' ever answer the damn phone? Or child benefit come to that? Where is everybody? Hiding by the fax machine? I bet they're whispering...'Shh its that bloody Zoe woman calling,I bet she wants to change her flamin name again,The Joan Collins of Blackpool,if we're very quiet she might go away'.
So I did,sod em.
I shall call another day when they least expect it.Muahaha,(evil laugh).
(I have to put evil laugh or I get loads of emails asking,'whats a muahaha?')
On the subject of emails,can I just say that I have seen the unwelcome return of the 'me me' email,for those who couldnt care less,its a series of uninteresting questions which are supposed to delve into the depths of your personality,to give a candid insight into what floats the persons boat.But true to form,they are a series of pointless questions that I cant possibly answer seriously,this mail is also floating around facebook,so instead of answering it twice,Ill do it here,Im also bored so go get a coffee or sommat whilst I digress....
1) What is your favourite colour?

      White with the smallest hint of white,but only a small hint mind.

2) where were you born?

    In a box just off the m25

3) Whats your favourite type of man?

     Quiet,doesnt move,agrees with me and doesnt eat gherkins from the jar...(Sorry Pete lol)

4) If you had one wish what would it be?

    Men were born without an no wait,I ruled the world and every day was the first day of my kitchen no I know,I was rich,I had a ticket to go see Darren Day and I deliberately didnt go.Go me go me the rebel.

5) Whose your favourite actor/actress?

   Tobin Bell....thats got you stumped eh? eh? eh?

6) Whats your favourite song?

     Barbers adagio of strings...or,hmm,Ive got a brand new combine harvester by the worzels...deffo not black lace and agadoo doo doo push pineapple shake him round the neck...

7) Who/what would you like to be if re-incarnated?

   A worm,so I could crawl under the rock where my ex lives and evict him.

8) Whats your favourite number?

    2,cos thats all it takes my friends.

9) How old are you?

   You should never ask me that,but seeing as its on my profile,Im 40 but Im 23 and a half on the inside.Not 24 no way.

10) What career best describes you?

     A radio dj,I could talk about rubbish for hours,no one could talk back and during the phone-ins I could say...'Sorry caller no time ha ha'.

Ok so thats done Im off for a coffee toodle pip xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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