Monday, 15 March 2010

Cold calling

Ive just had a phone call,when I picked it up it went dead,so I called it back,it was a jcb firm in
Why on earth would they call me? I dont need a jcb and especially at 8'oclock at night,what would I do with it? Maybe its a surprise present from somebody,my own jcb digger...what I could do with that peeps...hmmm.
Its unbelievable honestly,I mean if youre gonna cold call me at least have the common decency to talk and tell me when youre delivering my ten ton jcb digger with re-inforced bucket !!
I bet its all shiney.Im all excited now,but I bet Im heading for a fall,I bet it was a wrong number.I have an inkling folks.
Why dont we get the heavy breathing anymore? I miss that,it kinda warmed your soul to know someone thought that much of you to call at 10.30pm and breathe heavily down the reciever,its disgraceful,of course its like anything,its gone the same way as boils on the neck and cod liver oil.You mark my words,we will be seeing the end of potato waffles and children getting a smacked bottom in sainsburys soon,our civil rights have been taken away,only last week I was whistfully recounting my youth spent watching men dressing under a beach towel in the summer,his swimming pants in a reef knot as he gets them stuck halfway down whilst trying to hold the towel up,ahh the good old days,of course the best bit was watching him try to pull up his y fronts under the towel with wet legs,if you were lucky,someones errant Jack Russell would be tugging at the wet end.( Of the towel...good grief !!)
I miss chorlton and the wheelies,spangles and indoor fireworks,( we had cats...say no more),they didnt like them much he he.
What about rainbow must remember it...yes you do,with that Geoffrey bloke and a walking teddy bear,oh you must remember it...

I used to watch that every day,well I didnt go to school for six weeks out of every year for four years,I kept getting tonsilitis so I had to amuse myself somehow...Please excuse the naughty word in the next one,Im laffing here,Oh Zoe you bad girl ha ha ha...


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mortonlake said...

happy days hun. wish they were now. tc love mort xx